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Embed or share room links without building UI

Getting started with 100ms Prebuilt Room Links is the fastest way to test and go live with 100ms.

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You can generate Prebuilt Room Links with a standard format : https://<template-subdomain>/meeting/<room-code>, where

  1. template-subdomain - is the subdomain that you’ve defined at the time of Template creation.
  2. room-code - is a Room Code and belongs to a unique room_id and role for which you're creating the Room Link. Read more on Room Codes and its usage.


  1. Create your account on 100ms Dashboard
  2. Create a Room Template to define your Room configuration
    • via 100ms dashboard : Go to Templates and set up your first Room Template, here you can configure Roles and their permissions.
    • via Create Template API : Review the Template object and create a Template with Create Template API
  3. Rooms on 100ms : A Room gets created by default associated with the Template you’ve created. Alternatively, go ahead and create a Room programatically.
    1. Rooms are created on 100ms server and requires your unique Management Token to authenticate all Create Room requests.
    2. Review Rooms object and create a Room with Create a Room API
  4. Once you have your first Room ready, you can now go ahead and create and create Prebuilt Room Links.

1. On 100ms Dashboard [No Code]

  1. Go to Rooms page on 100ms dashboard and select a Room to go to Rooms details page.
  2. On clicking “Join Room”, you can either copy or Join the Prebuilt Link.
  1. You need a Template-subdomain and Room Code to construct Prebuilt Room Links with format : https://<template-subdomain>/meeting/<room-code>

  2. Create Room Link structure : Append template-subdomain and Room code to the room link format.

    Here is an example pseudo code snippet involving creating a room and then creating room links for that room.

    # template info template_id = "639cb27a0c77c9782cc50e7b" template_subdomain = "" # create room room_response = create_room(template_id) # create room code for the above created room room_codes = create_room_codes(room_response["id"]) # create create room links by appending room_code to template_subdomain # room_link = https://<template-subdomain>/meeting/<room-code> room_links = {} for data in room_codes: room_links[data["role"]] = "https://"+template_subdomain+"/meeting/"+data["code"] print(room_links)

Embed Prebuilt links as iFrame on web, mobile-web

If you want a quick integration of a fully featured video conferencing/live streaming app inside your application within a day, iframe is the way to go.

iframe integration benefits:

  • You can have a fully-featured video conferencing/live streaming UI added to your web app with minimal development
  • You can customize to a greatest extent as per your requirements
  • You can use this in the framework you're already using in your app
  • Using an iframe you can embed the whole sample web app inside your UI wherever you want


Embed the Prebuilt Room Link as an iframe in your application

<iframe title="100ms-app" allow="camera *;microphone *;display-capture *" src="https://<your-template-subdomain>/meeting/dsj-sdkw-oer" style="height: 900px; width: 900px;"> </iframe>

You can share Room links with you users on the fly as Push notification, SMS, Email etc.

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