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Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists down frequently asked questions. If you want to add a new question or edit an older one, feel free to send us a PR.

Flutter version compatibility

HMSSDK works with flutter 2.10.x or above.

Not getting event updates after hot reload/restart

This is caused because the platform channel needs to be reinitialized again, hence this is intended behaviour. The solution for this is to re-run the app.

Practices for faster development :

  • Perform the intended changes.
  • Leave the room.
  • Perform hot reload/restart and rejoin the room.
  • Verify the changes.

The permanent solution for this is in pipeline, we will update once it's done.

Issues while using with flutter 3.0.x

Flutter versions 3.0.0 to 3.0.5 had issues related to Platform View.

Refer: Android Platform View issue & Flutter Platform View bug

These were resolved in Flutter versions 3.3.0 & above. Please update the Flutter version to 3.3.0 or above.

Is there any limit to the number of HMSVideoView on-screen at a time

HMSVideoView internally uses SurfaceView in android and UiKitView in iOS. It is recommended to render at most 3 to 4 videos on a Single page/screen of the app and rest should be paginated for optimum performance.

Please find the implementations below:

Not able to get room updates after joining the room

To listen to the room updates please attach HMSUpdateListener as:


You can find more details about HMSUpdateListener here

Join room with muted audio/video

User can join the room with muted audio/video by default.Please find the docs here

Get in preview

User can get onPeerUpdate in preview the docs can be found here

Getting updates multiple times in the room

Please ensure removing the HMSUpdateListener while leaving the room.


You can find more details about HMSUpdateListener here

Can I create a room using API?

Yes,please find the link here

Screenshare not working in the background on iOS?

On iOS 16, if you start Screenshare from an iPhone/iPad running iOS 16 version, then if the app is in foreground then Screenshare will work fine. But if you start Screenshare & background the app, then Screenshare pauses as the SDK is unable to send video frames using IPC. This results in other peers in room seeing stuck frame. We are actively working to resolve this issue. On iOS 15 or below, this issue does not exists.

Note that viewing Screenshare on iOS 16 devices is unaffected by this & works fine.

Receiving too many logs from SDK

Logs can be turned OFF using the hmsLogSettings parameter of HMSSDK.More info about this can be found here

I want to suggest a new feature.

Awesome, we're always looking out for new ideas and features. Please reach out to us over discord