Remote Mute/Unmute

You're running a video call room and decide that someone who's currently talking shouldn't be talking.

You'd prefer they'd stay mute. Or perhaps you want their video turned off as well as their audio. You're looking for a remote mute.

Muting can apply to both audio and video.


You may also decide that you want to let someone else speak who was currently muted. Or may want to ask someone to turn on their video.

You can request people to unmute themselves as well.


Can't let just anyone mute others. First you need to create a role with the permissions to mute others and also to ask them to unmute.

The permission to mute others is within PermissionsParams mute and you should check for that within the HMSRole of the peer to see if they have it.

Similarly the permission to unmute other peers is within PermissionsParams unmute.

Here's how to check whether the local peer has the permission to mute or unmute others. You can do it like this:

Future<bool> isAllowedToMuteOthers() async{ return (await hmsSDK.getLocalPeer()).role.permission!.mute; } Future<bool> isAllowedToUnMuteOthers(){ return (await hmsSDK.getLocalPeer()).role.permission!.unMute; }

hmsSDK.getLocalPeer() will not return null as long as you're in a preview or in a meeting room. Since you likely won't need to check for permissions if you're not in one it would be ok.

Handling a mute callback

Mute callbacks are automatically applied to the receiver. No action is required.

Handling an unmute callback

Unmute callbacks are received in the target peer's HMSUpdateListener.onChangeTrackStateRequest.

The target peer will receive an object of HMSChangeTrackStateRequest.

Here's its structure.

class HMSTrackChangeRequest { bool mute; HMSPeer requestBy; HMSTrack track; }

This contains information on which track is requested for unmuting. Check the track type and inform the user as appropriate.

public void checkTrack(HMSTrackKind track) { if( track.getType() == HMSTrackType.kHMSTrackKindAudio) { } else if (track.getType() == HMSTrackType.kHMSTrackKindVideo) { } }

Hold onto the information here, show a dialog to the user to ask if they want to accept the change and then apply the settings locally. The same as in a regular user Mute/Unmute.