100ms Prebuilt

100ms Prebuilt is a feature rich video conferencing / live streaming app built on top on our sample web app. Share Prebuilt room links with users or embed it as an iFrame in your application.

Getting started with 100ms Prebuilt Room Links is the fastest way to test and go live with 100ms. Test Prebuilt Link→

Prebuilt Basics

  • Try role specific Prebuilt Room Links on 100ms dashboard. Follow this to set up your 100ms account and join your room Links

  • Customise Prebuilt that fits your use case [coming soon⚒️]

    • Customise features for roles
    • Set up video layouts modes for 1:1 calling, small/group calls

In this guide, we will create role specific prebuilt room links and share/embed the link as an iFrame in your application.

Prebuilt Link Structure

Prebuilt links are role specific room links with a format https://<template-subdomain>.app.100ms.live/<room-code> where,

  • template-subdomain- is the subdomain that you’ve defined at the time of template creation on 100ms Dashboard. Copy template-subdomain from Template details page on 100ms Dashboard
  • room-code- is a room code that belongs to a uniqueroom_id and role for which you're creating the room link. Get room codes for each role
    • Copy role specific room code from Join Room section for a role in a room
    • Create Room Codes API to create room codes

Once you have the template-subdomain and room code ready, append these to the link structure for all roles in your room.

  • Host Prebuilt Link : https://template-subdomain/meeting/room-code-for-host
  • Guest Prebuilt Link : https://template-subdomain/meeting/room-code-for-guest

Share or Embed as iFrame

Once you have a Prebuilt room link ready, you can share it with your users on the fly as Push notification, SMS, Email etc or directly embed the link in your application. Refer a sample code snippet to embed the prebuilt link as an iFrame.

<iframe title="100ms-app" allow="camera *;microphone *;display-capture *" src="https://<your-template-subdomain>/meeting/<room-code>" style="height: 100vh; width: 100%; border:0;"> </iframe>

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