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Leave Room

Leaving a room should be quick. Once a user wishes to end their interaction in the room, they can choose to leave the meeting. 👋

We provide a simple, no fuss API to do exactly that. Invoke the leave method using hmsActions. You can use the current room state to render the UI accordingly post leave.


Leave on Navigating Away

If the user closes the tab without calling leave you might seem them as stuck for a few seconds for remote peers. This is because our server assumes that there might be a network issue and keeps a buffer waiting for the peer to rejoin. For this reason, it is important to call the leave api if we detect the user navigating away from the page. This includes, refreshing or closing the tab. We can set up leave to be called on window unload event.

window.addEventListener('beforeunload', () => hmsActions.leave()); window.addEventListener('onunload', () => hmsActions.leave());

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