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Action Result Listeners

Whenever an instance of HMSActionResultListener is passed with a method then it's status i.e whether it succeeded or failed can be listened using HMSActionResultListener's onSuccess & onException callbacks respectively.

HMSActionResultListener should be implemented in the class where HMSActionResultListener methods are called.

abstract class HMSActionResultListener { void onSuccess( {HMSActionResultListenerMethod methodType, Map<String, dynamic>? arguments}); void onException( {HMSActionResultListenerMethod methodType, Map<String, dynamic>? arguments, required HMSException hmsException}); }

💡 HMSActionResultListener : A class conforming to HMSActionResultListener interface. The methods of HMSActionResultListener are invoked to notify the status of the api's whether it failed or succedded.


HMSActionResultListenerMethod is an enum which can be used to segregate the HMSActionResultListener method type.

enum HMSActionResultListenerMethod { leave, changeTrackState, changeMetadata, endRoom, removePeer, acceptChangeRole, changeRole, changeTrackStateForRole, startRtmpOrRecording, stopRtmpAndRecording, changeName, sendBroadcastMessage, sendGroupMessage, sendDirectMessage, hlsStreamingStarted, hlsStreamingStopped, startScreenShare, stopScreenShare, startAudioShare, stopAudioShare, //default case unknown }