What is a room?

A room is a virtual space where one or more peers communicate with each other. It is a central entity that provides real-time communication capabilities for any video conferencing or live streaming session.

To allow users to join a 100ms video conferencing or a live streaming session inside your app, you first need to create a room.


The above diagram illustrates how a room acts as the central entity in the lifecycle of an interactive audio/video session and the transition of the room from one state to another based on the configuration of the room and the peer's presence.

Room APIs

Room APIs will enable you to script actions from the server side based on your business logic and requirements, actions such as:

You can control peer behavior and build interactivity scenarios in an active room with the help of active room APIs.

Note on large rooms

If you wish to create a room which can support large number of peers (>2500), you'll be required to create large rooms which are specially optimised to handle a large count as well as use certain specific client SDKs versions. Follow this guide on creating large rooms.

Postman collection

You can use our Postman collection to start exploring 100ms APIs.

Run in Postman

Refer to the Postman guide to get started with 100ms API collection.

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