Export/Import Templates

Export templates directly from the dashboard and import them into any workspace or account.

How-to guide

Export Template

Export Template

  1. Click on the Templates dropdown in the sidebar, and pick a template you want to export
  2. Once you've selected your template, click on the three dot menu near the top right
  3. From the dropdown, click on Export Template and you're done

You should now see <template-name>.json in your downloads.

Warning: Do not modify the exported template

The <template-name>.json file contains the configuration for your template. Modifying it could break your template and cause it to not work properly. We recommend against modifying this file unless you are familiar with the JSON format and the structure of template configuration files. If you need to modify the configuration of your template, please consult our documentation for more information.

Import Template

Note: Select the correct workspace and account

Make sure that you are logged in to the correct account and you've selected the correct workspace before importing your template

  1. Click on Create Template
  2. Click on Import Template and choose the <template-name>.json you exported in the previous step
  3. Enter a template name, subdomain, and select a region for your template and then click on Experience

That's it. You have successfully imported your template into your current workspace and account.

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