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Get Auth Token From Dashboard

Create a 100ms account

Create Account

  • After you have created your account you have to Confirm your Email , check the promotions tab in your Mail Box if you can't find it.

  • Login to the Dashboard and you will see an option to Create your first app. Click on it.

Create your first app

  • Then you would see this popup with multiple starter kits, hover over one of the starter kits and click Deploy. We will choose "Video Conferencing" for now.

Initialize Started Kit

  • In the Choose your deployment step, select 100ms and enter the subdomain you wish in the Subdomain field.

Domain details

  • After you're App is set click on "Go to Dashboard" or Go Here


Create a room

  • Go over to Room in Dashboard and click on "Create Room" , While creating a room you can specify it's name, roles or enable recording.

Create Room

  • You will now see "Room Details" section and we have a room_id created, copy it somewhere.

Room Id

Get a temporary token from 100ms dashboard

Any client connecting calling 100ms' service needs to authenticate using an auth token. In production you would have your own servers generating the tokens (see more here), but for a quick start you can use the dashboard to create a token for you. The token will expire in 24 hours and should not be hard-coded into a production app.

  • To get a temporary token click on "Join room" button.

Join Room

  • In the popup that shows up click on icon with a key shape next to the role you want to join as.

Copy Token

The token will be copied to your clipboard. Use this along with the room_id to proceed with the quickstart guide.

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