Add custom tracks

You can also add custom video or audio tracks to the sdk which will be published to others. Possible use cases -

  • a synthetic track which doesn't use camera
  • screenshare with custom-built annotations in an electron app.
  • audio track from a source other than microphone

To add a custom/auxiliary track, you need to get hold of a MediaStreamTrack object and add it using the addTrack method on hmsActions.

/** * track: MediaStreamTrack - Track to be added * source?: 'regular' | 'screen' | 'plugin' - Source of track - default: 'regular' */ await hmsActions.addTrack(track, source); // to remove the track await hmsActions.removeTrack(trackId);

Accessing custom/auxiliary tracks

// if you have hold of the peer object, it'll have ids of all the auxiliary tracks console.log(peer.auxiliaryTracks); // to get the track from a track id you can do this track = hmsStore.getState(selectTrackByID(trackId)); // all auxiliary tracks hmsStore.getState(selectAuxiliaryTracksByPeerID(; // audio auxiliary track hmsStore.getState(selectAuxiliaryAudioByPeerID(; // track with source as screenshare hmsStore.getState(selectScreenShareByPeerID(; hmsStore.getState(selectScreenShareAudioByPeerID(;

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