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End Room

If the local peer has endRoom permission they can end a room. It's also possible to lock the room to prevent any future rejoins.

Check if user has permissions

const endRoom: boolean = peer.role.permissions.endRoom;

End Room for all

const reason = 'Host ended the room'; const lock = false; // optional parameter // instance acquired from build() method await hmsInstance.endRoom(reason, lock) .then(d => console.log('End Room Success: ', d)) .catch(e => console.log('End Room Error: ', e));

End Room Notification

Once the peer with adequate permissions calls endRoom, all other peers in the room will receive a notification with type ON_REMOVED_FROM_ROOM with a HMSLeaveRoomRequest object as the data.

// import classes import { HMSUpdateListenerActions, HMSLeaveRoomRequest } from '@100mslive/react-native-hms'; const onRemovedFromRoom = (data: HMSLeaveRoomRequest) => { // redirect to home screen }; hmsInstance.addEventListener(HMSUpdateListenerActions.ON_REMOVED_FROM_ROOM, onRemovedFromRoom);