Set Volume

Sometimes during calls, we need to deafen or turn up a particular peer's volume. For example, suppose a remote peer is too loud compared to others, you may want reduce their volume level and vice-versa.

100ms SDK gives you option to adjust volume of a remote peer's audio. The change in volume level is only effective locally, remote peers remains unaffected. That means only you will hear the lower/higher volume of that Peer. Other peers in Room will continue to listen at the default volume level as before.

You can use setVolume method available on HMSSDK instance to change volume levels of a remote peer. This method accepts 2 parameters as follows -

  1. track: HMSTrack object of the audio track of remote peer.
  2. volume: New volume level in number. It can be in range of 0(min) to 10(max). The default value is 1.0.

An example of using setVolume method when track is added -

const onTrackListener = ({ peer, track, type }: { peer: HMSPeer, track: HMSTrack, type: HMSTrackUpdate }) => { if ( type === HMSTrackUpdate.TRACK_ADDED && // When track is added track.type === HMSTrackType.AUDIO && // Making sure track is audio track peer.isLocal === false // Making sure peer is remote peer ) { // Increasing volume level of newly added audio track of remote peer hmsInstance.setVolume(track, 10.0); } }; hmsInstance.addEventListener(HMSUpdateListenerActions.ON_TRACK_UPDATE, onTrackListener);

Volume level can vary from 0(min) to 10(max). The default value for volume would be 1.0

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