Get Recording Assets

To download a recording asset, you can use the Get Recording Asset API with the asset_id identifier. Asset Identifier are available in the recording webhooks for each mode and for each asset. Alternatively, Use List recordings Assets API for a session or room to get asset_ids and associated metadata of all recording assets for the session

List recording Assets

The List Recording Assets API which returns asset_ids for recordings generated across your 100ms workspace, which can be filtered by:

  • Session ID - list all recordings for a session_id.
  • Room ID - list all recordings for a room_id
  • Type - Asset types such as track, stream, room-composite
  • Recording status, where status can be:
    • completed - get only completed recordings
    • failed - get only failed recordings

If no filter is specified, all recordings for your workspace will be returned. The id returned in the response refers to the asset generated, which contains information such as associated session, room, asset type, status, duration, etc. Refer to the recording asset object specification for details.

Get a recording asset

For any recording asset, you can generate a short-lived recording link for the asset. Use get a pre-signed url using recording link API. You can customise the validity of the url using the API.

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