Get pre-signed URL

Use this API to generate a short-lived pre-signed URL for a recording asset.

By default, the generated URL has an expiry of 3 days for AWS S3 and GCS buckets and 9 hours for Alibaba OSS storage. You can pass a ?presign_duration=number query param to control the validity of the URL.

curl --location --request GET '<asset_id>/presigned-url' \ --header 'Authorization: Bearer <management_token>'
Status: 200 OK
{ "id": "<asset-id>", "path": "<path-of-asset>", "url": "<presigned-url>", "expiry": 3600 // in seconds }

Note on url in the API response

In the case of room-vod asset type, the url can contain 3 things depending on the configured storage and VOD upload format. It will contain:

  • Pre-signed URL to let you download the zipped VOD file if the VOD upload format is 'zipped', irrespective of the configured storage.
  • CDN URL which can be put in any HLS compatible player to play the VOD file if the configured storage is 100ms' and the VOD upload format in 'Unzipped'.
  • Pre-signed URL to the M3U8 file which is not playable if the configured recording storage is the user's cloud bucket and the VOD upload format is 'Unzipped'.

Learn more about VOD on 100ms here.

Query params

presign_durationSpecify a custom expiry duration (in seconds) to control the validity of the generated URLNo

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