Event Log

Event Log for a peer is a visual representation of all peer events that occur from the moment a peer joins a video session until they leave. This graph is useful in understanding what events happened for a peer in a sequential form or in parallel, hence useful in drawing co-relations to what went in a call. All peer related events can be abstracted in the following event types:

  1. Audio - event occurs when the peer turns on/off their mic
  2. Video - event occurs when the peer turns on/off their camera
  3. Screen - event when peer starts and stops sharing their screen
  4. Device - occurs when an input and output audio/video device is selected at preview/join screen or switched during a session. It also shows the device type selected. This is available only on web platform.
  5. Error - error events that happened for a peer during a session

Error events log

The error log captures events that occur on the client side, which can disrupt call experience a peer during a call:

Error EventReason
client.disconnectedThe peer was disconnected due to network or Websocket failure
client.join.failedThe peer could not join the call
client.publish.failedThe peer failed to publish their audio/video
client.subscribe.failedThe peer failed to subscribe to other peers’ audio/video

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