Peer Insights

When a user joins a session on 100ms, a corresponding peer is created for them on 100ms. Peer insights comprise a complete collection of events, an overall connection quality score, and network performance for a peer's entire session duration, providing comprehensive data to evaluate their overall experience. Key components include:

Peer Details

Identify peer; their device and network setup.
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Check event log of a peer

Chronological record of all events occurred for a peer during a session.
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Connection Quality Score

Check overall network performance trend for a peer during a session.
CQS for a peer →

Network Performance

Track underlying network conditions that impact media quality.
Network and media quality →

Measuring peer level insights

To debug the call experience of a peer and gain insights into their session, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the "Sessions" section in the 100ms dashboard
  2. Select or enter a Session ID
  3. Select a peer or enter a peer ID to debug.
  4. Explore the insights for the selected peer, including peer details, events performed, and network performance metrics that impacted the media quality during the session.

Peer details

Peer details, such as who the peer was, the session they belonged to, and a summary of their device setup, help you identify and contextualize the peer's experience.

Peer Information

  • Name -The name of the peer.
  • Peer ID -A unique 100ms-generated peer ID.
  • User ID -The user ID passed by you (optional).

Session information

  • Session ID: The ID of the session.

  • Room ID -The ID of the room to which this session belongs.

  • Joined At -The timestamp when the peer joins the session, shown in local time.

  • Left At -The timestamp when the peer leaves the session, shown in local time.

  • Duration -The total session duration for this peer in the format "HH:MM:SS". The maximum duration allowed per peer is 12 hours.

  • Published -The count of tracks published by the peer. The tracks can be audio, video, or screen-share tracks.

  • End Reason -The reason why the peer left the session. This can happen due to multiple reasons:

    End Reason fieldReason
    Peer leftPeer left the session on their own.
    Peer DisconnectedNetwork Disconnected or Websocket closed
    Peer RemovedPeer was kicked out by another peer.
    Peer Removed From ServerPeer was removed from backend APIs (End Room)

Peer summary

  • Platform - The platform used by the peer, such as desktop or mobile.
  • Operating System - The operating system and its version used by the peer.
  • Browser - The browser and its version used by the peer.
  • Framework - The framework used by the peer.
  • SDK version - The version of the 100ms SDK used by the peer, which can be Web, Android, iOS, Flutter and React Native.

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