Virtual Background

Adding a virtual background to your calls can help present a clean and organized surroundings or simply add fun and creativity to your video calls. With the Virtual Background feature on 100ms Prebuilt, users can seamlessly set up dynamic virtual environments during live sessions or prior to joining a room. Here's what you can achieve:

  • Pitch-Perfect Quality: High-resolution quality that ensures a crisp and clear presentation.
  • Built-In Virtual Backgrounds: Choose from a range of built-in virtual backgrounds, providing users with a selection to suit various moods and settings.
  • Custom Backgrounds for Roles: Maintain a cohesive brand presence by incorporating custom backgrounds tailored to specific roles, reinforcing your brand throughout the session.
  • Background Blur: Achieve a professional look with background blur option, reducing distractions and keeping the focus on what matters.

Enable virtual background on 100ms Prebuilt

  1. Login/Sign up to 100ms Dashboard
  2. Create a template and navigate to Customize Prebuilt.
  3. On Prebuilt Customizer, choose Screens and Components.
  4. Select a role and enable virtual background. You can choose to enable virtual background feature for specific roles on your Prebuilt UI.
Platform Support

Virtual backgrounds are currently supported only on the Prebuilt web links and component. Reach out on Prebuilt Discord channel to explore adding support for Android, iOS, React Native, and Flutter.

Adding custom backgrounds

By default, 100ms offers a set of backgrounds when you enable virtual backgrounds on 100ms Prebuilt. However, you can also personalize the experience by adding custom background images for specific roles. These will seamlessly list with default backgrounds on the Prebuilt UI. To add custom backgrounds:

  1. Upload an image (file size should be less than 2MB).
  2. Provide a publicly hosted URL for the background image.

Customizing background image sequence

Once custom backgrounds are added, you can take control of their display order alongside default backgrounds. Select the images in the desired sequence, and these selections will be reflected in the Prebuilt UI, ensuring the role see the desired sequence of your chosen backgrounds. You can choose to disable default backgrounds by de-selecting them from the background picker.

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