Live Transcription for Conferencing (Closed Captions - Beta)

100ms' real-time transcription engine generates a live transcript (closed captions) during a conferencing session. The SDK provides a callback with transcript for each peer when they speak.

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum react-native-hms version required is 1.10.7
  • Minimum react-native-room-kit version required is 1.2.0

Checking if captions are enabled in a room

To check if WebRTC (not hls) captions are enabled in a room. Look for any transcriptions being in a started state in the room data.

const captionsEnabled = ( hmsInstance.getRoom() ?.transcriptions ?.some((transcription) => { return transcription.state === TranscriptionState.STARTED; }) ) || false; // Using `false` as default

How to implement captions?

Implement fun onTranscripts(transcripts: HmsTranscripts) in the HMSUpdateListener callback.

Toggling Live Transcripts

To save on cost, live transcriptions can be disabled for everyone at runtime and toggled on again when required.

// Start Real Time Transcription try { await hmsInstance.startRealTimeTranscription() } catch (error) { // Handle error occurred while starting Transcription }
// Stop Real Time Transcription try { await hmsInstance.stopRealTimeTranscription() } catch (error) { // Handle error occurred while starting Transcription }

Only user with admin permissions can toggle Live Transcripts using startRealTimeTranscription and stopRealTimeTranscription methods. You can check if user has admin permission for Live Transcriptions on their role object -

// Getting instance of local peer const localPeer = hmsInstance.getLocalPeer(); // getting `CAPTION` permission object
const captionPermissions = localPeer.role?.permissions?.transcriptions?.find(
(element) => element.mode === TranscriptionsMode.CAPTION
const isAdmin = captionPermissions?.admin || false; // using `false` as default

When Live Transcripts are toggled for room, you get TRANSCRIPTIONS_UPDATED update type in ON_ROOM_UPDATE event -

hmsInstance.addEventListener( HMSUpdateListenerActions.ON_ROOM_UPDATE, (data: { room: HMSRoom; type: HMSRoomUpdate; }) => { if (data.type === HMSRoomUpdate.TRANSCRIPTIONS_UPDATED) { // Handle Transcriptions Update like you may update UI if transcriptions were started or stopped const captionTranscription = (transcription) => transcription.mode === TranscriptionsMode.CAPTION ); if (captionTranscription?.state === TranscriptionState.STARTED) { // Transcriptions Started in Room } else if (captionTranscription?.state === TranscriptionState.STOPPED) { // Transcriptions Stopped in Room } else if (captionTranscription?.state === TranscriptionState.FAILED) { // Transcriptions failed to Start or Stop } } } );

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