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Room object


Room is a virtual space that holds conferencing of the people. To allow users to join a 100ms video conferencing or a live streaming session inside your app, you first need to create a room.

Room APIs can be used to

  1. Create a room
  2. Get details of existing rooms based on id/name/enabled/created-time or combinations of these
  3. Disable an existing room


idUnique identifier for the room
nameAlias for the room
enabledIndicates whether the room is enabled or disabled.

Note: If you disable a room, that room can be used for only the current session and users will not be able to join the room later. You can use the Disable/Enable a room API with the enabled param set to true to enable the room again.
descriptionDescription for the room
customerUnique identifier for your account
recording_infoIndicates whether the recording is enabled or disabled.

Note: This argument is only applicable to enable/disable SFU recording. Refer to RTMP Streaming & Browser Recording guide for other options.
template_idIdentifier for the template used for this room
templateName for the template
regionThe region in which the room has to be created

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