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Loved by developers

Sachin Sharma

Founder, Townscript

We have worked with 100ms in the past months, and have been pleasantly surprised with high-quality tech, and the super enthusiastic team. This product will go places, best wishes!

Arnav Mahajan

Co-founder, Payswifter

100ms makes life so easy for people in ed-tech, gaming and events who have a hard time delivering world-class live video experiences during these times when in-person meeting is not possible.

Aavgeen Singh

Product Manager, FrontRow

We at FrontRow are already building our live-session feature using 100ms SDK and I am glad to tell everybody that 100ms is way ahead of any other product in the market.

Nikhil Kapur

Partner, Strive

Flexibility, Scalability, and Ease-of-Use are the fundamentals of any successful dev infra product and you guys have taken that DevX to another level.

Arpan Garg

The team at 100ms has built the perfect solution for integrating a video stage in literally no time. We've used the product to run meetings and online events/conferences, and everything is running smoothly. Thanks to 100ms, our system doesn't heat up, the bandwidth consumed is low, and users, in turn, are happy too.

Founder, Commudle

Prateek Jogani

Doing video "well" is so so difficult, live video even more! Glad that 100ms team are solving this in such a seamless way.

Senior Vice President, Qoala

Nachiketas Ramanujam

Can't ask for a better alternative to agora for fast-growing companies and agile teams.

Co-Founder, Backstage.Army

Don’t take our word for it.
See what developers using 100ms say

Kutumb's user base spans millions of daily active users across devices and a range of network conditions. We faced integration and reliability issues with other providers and couldn't scale our video rooms feature to all our users. 100ms' SDK allowed us to go live in 2 weeks without us having to bother with reliability issues. Their dedicated slack channel for support worked as our extended engineering team during integration.

2 Weeks

Time required to go-live

1 Million

Minutes consumed per week

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Vipul Allawadhi

Vipul Allawadhi

Co-Founder, Kutumb

Get in touch with the 100ms team

Build your app in 5 minutes

Extend endlessly with powerful plugins and offer users a stellar video experience

Pick from pre-built templates

Add video to your apps with pre-built or custom templates

Fully customizable

Free your creativity with the 100ms SDK

Agora vs 100ms Comparison

While developing a live-video solution, an SDK should enable developers to focus on building new features rather than worrying about audio-video edge cases.

Kshitij Gupta

Co-founder and CEO, 100ms


How we built 100ms

for developers

100ms' APIs are crafted to allow developers to go live in 4 lines of code with Zoom-like quality.

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We believe that a great user experience requires a great development experience. We built 100ms from the ground up keeping a developer’s journey in our mind.

Kshitij Gupta

Co-founder and CEO, 100ms


Agora is not  scalable

Developers have to spend months building business logic primitives with Agora's APIs. Low level publish-subscribe ends up taking most of the developer bandwidth.

See how 100ms differs

Multiple SDK Overhead

Integrate separate SDKs for video calling, streaming, chat, and more while creating a simple live video solution.

Participant Limit

Put a limit on the number of hosts to just 17 in a call due to a lack of support for large video rooms.

Expensive at Scale

Keep worrying about unpredictable unit costs as the number of video participants increase on the call.

Vulnerable Video Quality

Write 1000s of lines of code before you finally get resilient audio-video quality across network and device conditions.

Edge-Case Handling

Spend days fixing and updating application-side code in case of device-capture errors.

Go Live in Hours

Save up on development time by abstracting the publish-subscribe logic into roles and go live with a few lines of code.

All-in-One SDK

Use a single SDK to build a complete solution with features like chat, recording, streaming & more at no additional cost.

Easy Scaling

Scale your live video app from just a couple of participants to over 10,000 and stream to millions of viewers with a single-switch.

Optimized for excellent call quality

Battle-tested for low-bandwidth connections and low-end devices, we’ve worked hard to provide gold standard audio-video quality

Video Quality

Just focus on shipping new features for your app and let 100ms manage edge-cases and video errors.

10,000 free mins every month

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Video conferencing infrastructure for a video-first world. Quick to integrate native iOS, Android & Web SDKs to add live video & audio conferencing to your applications.

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