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real-time video for virtual care


Call success is the only metric that matters

Every teleconsultation is important. So we obsess over the quality and success of your calls, every day.

Consistent and reliable

Lowest video freeze rate and frame drops among Twilio, Vonage and others

Lower audio packets loss and sample concealment

Lower device CPU usage

Resilient in bad network conditions

Video supported at even 100 kbps bandwidth

Graceful degradation in fluctuating conditions

Actively tested across devices and browser versions

Call success SLAs

Call Success SLAs Industry-first Call Success SLAs.

97%* of calls with doctor and user will start and end without fluctuation

SLAs on call success rates with service credits

See how 100ms outperforms in quality benchmarks


Power accessibility with SIP calling and Transcription

Build advanced interpreter solutions through SIP or use built-in closed captioning.


SIP Interconnect for audio dial-in and dial-out

Bring your own SIP trunk provider to build powerful integrations with language interpreter services.

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Transcribe with speaker labels, during or post calls

Follow conversations easily without any gaps, with our accurate and clearly labeled transcripts.

AI-generated summaries

Generate insightful and detailed call summaries and clinical notes with an ability to configure output format.

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HIPAA-compliant and secure

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest, with regional data residency and industry standard compliance implemented across our services.


HIPAA Compliant

We take the burden of HIPAA compliant implemention away from customer by hashing and masking PHI, forcing signed webhooks, and signing a BAA.

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SOC2 Type II Compliant

100ms adheres to rigorous SOC2 Type II compliance standards, ensuring robust security, availability, and confidentiality controls for customer data.

Custom and Regional Data Residency

Customers can select their preferred data storage and processing location from our database servers in the USA, Europe, and India.

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call insightsAn easier, faster and better way to debug

Debugging using video logs is tedious (we'd know!). Call Insights feature provides easy access to information about each call in an easy-to-read dashboard.

Peer Insights

Dive deep into each user's call experience with events, errors and more.

Peer event timeline

Connection quality score

Experience monitoring

Session Insights

Get a full picture of each call to identify areas of improvement.

Session event timeline

Session health

Filter peers with issues types

Explore Call Insights

Everything you need to build exceptional virtual care

Custom virtual background

Custom virtual background

Noise cancellation powered by Krisp.AI

noice cancellation onnoice cancellation off

Built-in chat

Built-in chat

Recording available in seconds

Delivered directly to your configured cloud storage provider.

Sub-second latency

We have multiple media servers set up across USA, Europe and India and mesh architecture to ensure sub-100ms RTT.

Pre-flight checks and network diagnostics API

Pre-flight checks and network diagnostics API

Intelligent bandwidth optimizations

Using Simulcast, temporal scaling and server-side subscribe degradation to ensure consistent experience.

Intelligent bandwidth optimizations
Low Code Virtual Care

Ship faster with HIPAA-compliant Prebuilt UI

100ms offers Prebuilt components for rapid deployment in just 2 days, featuring built-in telehealth functionalities and customizable UI.

Built-in roles and permissions

Optimized for mobile web and tablets, available across platforms

Pre-call tests and diagnostics

Built-in support for SIP calling and participants

Closed captioning with speaker labels

Powerful virtual backgrounds and noise cancellation

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