Embed video calls that make virtual care

Create truly immersive experiences by bringing patient EHR, scheduling, note taking & more on video calls


Quickly integrate, customize, and extend as you scale

Essential features come out-of-the-box, along with APIs to uplevel your telehealth experience

Just add water

HD-quality audio/video, screenshare and in-built chat

Real-time integrations

Pre-built real-time DB to sync health records during calls


Streaming data APIs to plug in remote devices

Extend with plugins

Add plugins for transcription, posture detection

Video that just works

In-built handing for device, network errors

Real-world Virtual

Build waiting rooms, multiple provider setups

Imagine and build incredible virtual care experiences with our API

Primary Care and Mental Health

Leverage the Roles feature to create virtual spaces like reception, waiting room and consult room. Create custom UI elements to enable functions like note taking or displaying EHRs within the video layout.

Physiotherapy and Online Fitness

Extract and process raw video tracks to build features like posture correction. Create tracks for educational videos which can be played from within the video call screen.

Speciality Care

Bring in data from remote health monitoring devices, add multiple camera inputs and build workflows for preconsultation, all within the video layout.

100ms is built keeping developer experience first

Choosing 100ms' live video SDK means quicker time-to-market, less maintenance, and more time to focus on your product. Intuitive APIs, pre-built templates, and developer-friendly docs make it easy to get started.

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