To bring real-life interactions to the virtual world seamlessly

The increasingly virtual, remote first world, needs an infrastructure provider that allows these experiences to happen seamlessly. 100ms' best-in-class quality and ease of use are fueling this revolution


Making video work

Kshitij started working on live video way back in 2000s when it wasn't really a thing. He built video solutions for the first Iphone & 3G networks, and then joined Facebook to build the video infrastructure for FB Live. After flying back to India, he joined as VP engineering at Disney+Hotstar, where he built the world's largest live streaming platform with his colleagues - Sarvesh and Aniket.

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Making live video work - our team has obsessed about this problem for years and solved it at world-class scales for different network and device conditions. A great infrastructure provider also needs to have the shortest integration time - so our foundation is built on the above two principles.

Listen to our CEO, Kshitij Gupta, talk about live video, building great infrastructure, and simplifying video access for all companies across the world.

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Simplifying and building live video

Inspired by customers

Our customers are leveraging live video to solve real problems in healthcare, commerce, education and more. Making their lives easy consequently helps us in improving millions of lives, and we’ve only scratched the surface yet.

Sachin Sharma

Sachin Sharma

Founder, Townscript

We have worked with 100ms in the past months, and have been pleasantly surprised with high-quality tech, and the super enthusiastic team. This product will go places, best wishes!

Arnav Mahajan

Arnav Mahajan

Co-founder, Payswifter

It makes life so easy for people in ed-tech, gaming and events who have a hard time delivering world-class live video experiences during these times when in-person meeting is not possible.

Aavgeen Singh

Aavgeen Singh

Product Manager, FrontRow

We at FrontRow are already building our LIVE-SESSION feature using 100ms SDK and i am glad to tell everybody that 100ms is way ahead of any other product in the market.

Arun Prasad

Arun Prasad

Head of Engineering, Kutuki

We at Kutuki used 100ms to build our live sessions feature - and were simply amazed with the documentation, support and ease of integration. Kudos to the team.

Case Study

See how Townscript built a reliable virtual events platform with multiple formats in 15 days with 100ms

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Backed by Incredible Investors

We are lucky to have exceptional investors with us
on the road to build the backbone for video.

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In the Press

Key mentions of 100ms in media. The what, why, how and when of the future of live video we're envisioning.


100ms Bets On Video To Be The Internet Star

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A team that
breathes live video

We are a team with years of experience in live video, who are dedicated to enabling anyone to create more video experiences on the internet with minimal effort.


Listen to our CEO as he talks about the journey of hiring the first 20 members at 100ms, his definition of culture, and how he built and led teams at Facebook and Disney+ Hotstar

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Humans of Startups

Building a Bottoms-up Culture

Come work with us!

Help us create a live video infrastructure for a video-first world. We are always looking for passionate individuals to join our 100% remote and global team.