Build real-time
video that is

Deliver life-like video interactions into your app. Enable real-time collab for upto 200 participants.

Make great
meetings happen.

Create life-like interactions

Enable remote participants to collaborate over high-quality, stutter-free video regardless of their device, network quality, or the number of participants on the call with technical edge-cases like network switching, latency, and packet loss handled out-of-the-box.

Tailor user experience

Clone our SDK to build a solution that fits your use case. Add UI components like buttons, video tiles, and chatbox. Use our video APIs to integrate 3rd party services and add features like AR masks, voice effects, and in-app purchases.

Accelerate product development

100ms abstracts publish-subscribe logic into roles that can be managed from the product dashboard without needing any code, enabling you to quickly iterate the different ways users can interact in your app.

Boost virtual collaboration

Help users to share, collaborate and develop new ideas in real-time with features like rich chat, screen share, emoji reactions, virtual whiteboards, and sharing files. Let hosts split the call into breakout rooms to facilitate better discussions.

Build with peace of mind

Cater to any kind of live use case with 100ms. Our infrastructure scales on-demand to keep up with your needs, with multiple regional data centers for global reach and high availability.

We were fortunate at Circle to find a company that would adapt well to our needs. 100ms offers a complete package that is easy to understand and integrate; thanks to that, we get to invest more time thinking about our business logic.

Juan Vallejo
Senior Software Engineer, Circle

2 Weeks

Time required to go live

> 100,000

minutes consumed per week

Deliver in-app live experiences in hours

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Sample Projects

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User experience made better across industries



Banking & Insurance

Provide immediate care to patients in rural or crowded urban centers by enabling them to connect with health care providers remotely—improving patient outcomes and reducing the cost of care.

Connect students from across the globe to help them forge a global mindset. Enable students to record the lecture for on-demand learning and access quality education no matter where they are.

Avoid phishing issues and speed up customer onboarding with live video calls embedded in your KYC workflow. Verify customer identity, share screen and documents, and provide support.

Enable artists to rehearse songs from anywhere without the need to move heavy instruments, and broadcast their performances to a global audience.

Run virtual conferences that allow attendees to view keynote sessions in real-time, build their agenda, access on-demand content, and interact with other attendees.

Video Calling SDK for Healthcare
Video Calling SDK for Education
Video Calling SDK for Banking & Insurance
Video Calling SDK for Music
Video Calling SDK for Virtual Events

Make meetings productive with collaborative features

Make 100ms your own, using the bundle of features available from a single SDK.


Real-time rich messaging between viewers


Visualize thoughts, explain concepts, and collaborate

Emoji Reactions

React or give feedback using emojis, raise hand, and other indicators

Screen Sharing

Share your entire screen, a specific app, or browser tab

Host from Anywhere

Conduct meetings across mobile or desktop, with or without the app

Video Layout

Pick your video layout—from gallery view to active speaker layouts

File Sharing

Exchange files with other participants


Capture your streams with custom layouts

Virtual Background

Brand your background with an image

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real-time video

Build scalable, custom video experiences that excite.

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