Enable frictionless onboarding for your customers

Deliver 99%+ call success rates, decrease vKYC call time with a compliant solution.

Industry Leading Call Success Rate

99.7% customers successfully joined calls
Complete vKYC in less than 3 minutes
Error handling and permission management
Native and mweb support in SDK

Quick and Reliable Recordings

Record sessions with 99.6% success rate
Access recordings within 90 seconds
Zero complaints of A/V sync issues
Optimised recording size of less than 4 MB

CERT-IN and RBI Compliant

CERT-IN and SoC2 Certified
Data sent directly to your cloud storage
Tested for cyber-security vulnerabilities
Custom SLAs and dedicated support

Features to help you
build and scale


Automate bandwidth management. Publish multiple resolution layers and intelligently adjust in response to device updates and peer network conditions.

Extended Camera Controls

Capture high-quality images in low-bandwidth conditions with tap-to-focus, flip, zoom, and flash options.

In-built Permission Handling

Call preview screen UI simplifying microphone and camera permission management using clear permission prompts.

Resilient in Low Bandwidth Conditions

Connection retries, quality indicators, uniform error codes, device capture retries, network switch and interruption handling.

Want to build?

Easily test and integrate real-time video in your vKYC workflow using this specially curated integration document

Want to know more?

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