Video platform that makes online learning

Live video to make online learning

100ms helps you integrate video calls with custom UI & exposes APIs to create breakout rooms & sessions on the fly


Zoom is meant for meetings

For virtual learning, students require a frictionless experience, instructors need configurability, and you need less overhead to manage live video. 100ms is tailor-made for it.

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No opening external links or apps to join calls

No separate login for joining video meetings

No more manual effort for fetching and uploading recordings

Less lines of code, more ways to manage and customize

100ms comes with building blocks to help you amplify learning outcomes

Build Deeper with Roles

Define permissions for each user on the call. Create custom roles like teachers and students, and use them to abstract complex scenarios like breakout rooms and backstages into simple “role changes”.

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Remote Control your Live Rooms

Use APIs to deploy essential room actions. Start & stop rooms, kick out participants, start recording, stream to the world, change roles, broadcast messages & everything else you can think of.

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Customize Experiences with Plugins

Customize the entire video calling interface & extract raw audio/video tracks. Build plugins like virtual backgrounds, spatial audio & transcription. Add polls, quizzes, white-board, raise-hand & unicorn dreams.

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Infinitely customizable, and yet remarkably

Go-live in a few days, scale to millions, and stop worrying about audio-video issues with 100ms

In-built edge-case handling

Network disconnection, device capture retries, VPN handling, low bandwidth management - it's our job.

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Scale upto 10,000 participants in a single room

100ms supports upto 200 peers with video turned on, and upto 10K audio-only participants.

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Single SDK for video calls, live-streaming and recording

Start with video calls, switch to livestreaming with a single API call as your classroom scales.

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Beautiful documentation and dedicated support

Native SDKs for Android, iOS, React and Flutter to help you get started easily.

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