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Superset's Seamless Transition to 100ms for Enhanced Interview Experiences

Superset's Seamless Transition to 100ms for Enhanced Interview Experiences

January 4, 20242 min read


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Superset, a dynamic placement automation platform, connects students, recruiters, and educational institutions to streamline the recruitment process. With a vast network of premier institutes like IITs and top-tier companies like Cognizant, PwC, Capgemini, and Wipro, Superset facilitates the entire job-seeking journey from application to acceptance to joining formalities.

The Challenge

Initially, Superset used Twilio Video for their critical interview module, allowing recruiters and candidates to interact seamlessly. However, they needed a more reliable and efficient solution due to specific challenges around network connectivity and billing. Under challenging network conditions, their setup would consistently cause issues for both the interviewers and interviewees. At times, they were even forced to take the calls outside the platform. Twilio’s sample app was configured badly, and wasn’t working optimally for bad network conditions. Moreover, their support was less hands-on in helping resolve these issues. For Superset, every interview was important and a single bad experience was detrimental to both the interviewer as well as interviewee.

Transition to 100ms

In March 2023, Superset began exploring alternatives to Twilio Video, and 100ms emerged as a promising candidate. The switch was driven by the need for a more cost-effective, reliable solution with a better technical support.

Integration and Usage

Superset's integration with 100ms was smooth and efficient. The platform's versatility accommodated different interview formats, from one-on-one to panel interviews, across various institutes and companies. 100ms's robust architecture ensured minimal network issues, a critical requirement for Superset’s global outreach.

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Features and Benefits

  • High Reliability: 100ms provided a stable and reliable platform for conducting interviews, a crucial aspect for Superset's operations.
  • Enhanced Interview Experience: The platform supported features like screen sharing and whiteboard, enhancing the interview experience for both candidates and recruiters.
  • Fraud Prevention: Superset built sophisticated photo and face matching technology on top of 100ms by extracting associated video stream and capturing images to ensure the authenticity of candidates participating in interviews.
  • Flexibility: The platform's adaptability allowed for a variety of interview formats, catering to diverse recruitment needs. They wanted a solution that support various interview formats, such as one-on-one, panel, and group discussions. All of these were supported and powered by 100ms’ templates.

Results and Future Prospects

Since integrating with 100ms, Superset has seen a noticeable improvement in the efficiency and reliability of their interview process. The platform's robust feature set and stable performance have been instrumental in conducting thousands of interviews seamlessly. Superset rates their experience with 100ms as very positive, acknowledging the scope for further enhancements and expressing eagerness for future collaborations to refine the recruitment experience further.


Superset's transition to 100ms exemplifies the platform's capability to handle large-scale, varied recruitment needs with efficiency and reliability. This partnership highlights 100ms's commitment to providing solutions that cater to the unique challenges of modern recruitment processes.

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