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Polls AI: Whiteboard to Polls in an instant!

Polls AI: Whiteboard to Polls in an instant!

March 13, 20243 min read


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Picture this: you effortlessly kickstart interactive polls directly from the whiteboard content in just a few clicks.

We're thrilled to introduce "Polls AI", our latest innovation that transforms the way you engage with your audience. Leveraging the technology of tldraw’s Make Real template and the dynamic capabilities of 100ms for live audio-video interactions, this demo is a game-changer. At its core, it utilizes OpenAI's GPT Vision to intelligently analyze shapes, creating the ideal questions and formulating options instantly. This can enable you to launch polls effortlessly and captivate your audience.

With Polls AI, educators can now launch multiple-option polls to evaluate the understanding of the participants in a single click - no more interruptions in the flow. No more trying to come up with random options to add to the polls. Polls AI does that for you!

What are the advantages?

With 100ms’ live audio-video calling and GPT Vision, educators can now create polls effortlessly by selecting the content on the tldraw whiteboard. This fosters engagement and allows tutors to continue with their lectures without constant interruptions.

This allows for:

  • real-time Interaction, as the teachers can create polls on the fly during live classes which ensures that the learning experience remains dynamic and engaging.
  • greater efficiency and time savings, as educators can focus more on delivering content and less on administrative tasks.
  • more spontaneity in assessment, as polls, can be quick and spontaneous, enhancing the learning environment and encouraging students to contribute to class discussions actively.

Where can this be used?

Imagine an ongoing virtual classroom. The teacher is in the middle of the lecture explaining the concepts using the whiteboard. They have been speaking for a long time and want to see if the students have grasped the concept or not. Instead of having to launch a side pane, and fill out a questionnaire to add questions and some random options to the poll, they can simply slide the cursor across the shapes and click on the ‘Create Poll’ button.

AI recognizes the whiteboard content, creates a question for the poll, and also comes up with suitable options. The teacher can quickly check if the questions and options are correct, edit them if required and finally launch the poll.

Once the poll is live, students can cast their votes, engaging with the content and helping the teacher understand how well they have grasped the lesson. All this without any precious time by harnessing the power of AI.

The demo can also be used to annotate images from one’s presentation and launch a poll on the same.

The integration of GPT Vision with live audio-video calling shows the transformative potential of AI in education technology. As we continue to explore innovative ways to enhance virtual classrooms, the integration of AI-driven solutions holds immense potential.

Our vision is to empower educators, enrich student experiences, and create a more seamless and interactive learning environment.

We are excited for educators everywhere to try this out!

Get started here: make-real-polls.vercel.app

We would love to continuously improve this demo based on user feedback. As educators and students engage with the Polls AI, their insights and experiences will shape future iterations.



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