How Townscript built a reliable virtual events platform with multiple formats in 15 days with 100ms

Find out how a leading ticketing platform built their events platform with 100ms

“While building Townhall, our team was really struggling to find a video infra api, that provides reliable results against unreliable internet. We felt fortunate to land with 100ms, as it has produced spectacular results for us since then. It being dev friendly and easy to implement is an added bonus.“

Sachin Sharma, CEO & Co-Founder, Townscript


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About Townscript

Founded in 2012 by Sachin Sharma and Sanchit Malik, Townscript helps event managers organize significant events by providing them an online, do-it-yourself, event ticketing and registration platform to sell event tickets online without any hassle.

Townscript supports all kinds of events - small or big to sell their tickets online and accept registrations from event enthusiasts who can discover events happening in their cities.



In 2020, as the pandemic hit, Townscript increasingly saw their clients hosting events on Zoom and other events platforms. They realized their clients were juggling multiple platforms and wanted to bring it all together in a single advanced virtual event platform.

It was essential that the platform had to support multiple formats - sessions, reception, networking, exhibits - to be able to deliver on the promise of a single advanced platform.

After struggling with low-level webRTC SDKs for weeks, Townscript realized that current providers did not support their requirements

There were 2 key problems

  • Low call completion rates Townscript had a large existing user base which used it across a range of network devices and conditions. Existing SDKs would not work out of the box in bad networks, native phone browsers. Handling errors took a lot of development time

  • Long development time Townscript was trying to create multiple formats - sessions, reception, networking, exhibits - and found themselves building a lot of basic developer constructs from scratch - roles, data store, message handling. This led to 10 weeks of development for a single format

" After trying for 10 weeks, we realized that existing webRTC solutions did not meet our expectations. There were frequent blackout issues and device compatibility issues (phones with native browsers) that were becoming a major hurdle in our launch. The SDKs were low-level, outdated, and the tech support was negligible. "

Piyush Tiwari

Technology, Townscript


After their experience with existing SDKs, the company started looking for a solution that would:

  • Have high call completion rates
  • Reduce time-to-market
Townscript was introduced to 100ms by BookMyShow (India's largest event destination), who were impressed by the SDKs' reliability and scale.

With 100ms' SDKs, Townscript could achieve both their objectives
  • High call completion rates Townscript saw 95%+ call completion rates out of the box with 100ms SDKs. As 100ms roles abstract out error handling to the SDK, it came pre-built with most of the audio-video edge cases that they had seen with other providers. More importantly, 100ms' SDKs shipped better edge case handling with every update
  • Reduce time to market By using 100ms's roles and data store, Townscript could build a new format in hours instead of weeks. After creating just 1 format in 10 weeks, it took them 2 weeks to integrate 3 formats - reception, networking, exhibits - with 100ms

" 100ms allowed us to build a reliable video platform with flexibility. We loved the SDKs ability to define roles for multiple meeting formats, change roles dynamically, while having low video error rates out of the box.It moved our focus from solving basic audio-video issues to designing engaging formats for our customers "

Piyush Tiwari

Technology, Townscript


Implementing 100ms allowed Townscript to drastically cut down the time spent implementing video solution and significantly increase call completion rates.

The integration time went down from 10 weeks to just two weeks. Townscript was able to ship Townhall as a gold-standard, full-fledged alternative to other event providers with significantly better audio-video quality and a fraction of the time.

With the flexibility of roles, they plan to innovate further on formats with 100ms as they look to add clients for internal corporate events, hybrid events and more.

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