Room Code Authentication

Room Codes are 100ms generated short codes, representing a Room and Role combination. In addition to generating Room Links, Room Codes can also power authentication when a peer joins a Room.

Primarily, joining a Room requires Authentication Token. By using Room Codes, 100ms SDKs implicitly handle generating Authentication Token and allow a peer to join a Room without you actually generating an Auth token at your end. Note that Room Codes are not JWT tokens and thus, not entirely secure.

Alternatively, you can always choose to authenticate a peer using Authentication Token. Read more on how to generate Auth token.

Join a Room with a Room Code


  1. Retrieve Room Code - You can get the Room Code in two ways:

  2. You need to then pass the Room Code in the join() method in the SDK. Here, the SDK implicitly generates Authentication Token from the Room Code.

Room Code Authentication for Prebuilt

If you're using 100ms Prebuilt solution, you need not handle authentication as this is implicitly handled within Prebuilt.

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