Custom UI composition

When a 100ms room is being live streamed or recorded, the video output is a composition of tracks from all peers in the room. In 100ms, this is made possible through "Beam", which is an internal component that combines a web browser and a video encoder that composes video.

How it works

The Beam web browser opens a web app, using a URL (also called "meeting URL"). This web app needs to use the 100ms web SDK, so that it can join a 100ms room and render video for peers in the room.

The web app is composing different tracks, and Beam ensures the rendered output is sent to the relevant destination (live stream, recording).

Default composition

By default, 100ms live streams and recordings use 100ms pre-built links for composition. These links are auto-generated for every pair of role and room, and can be accessed from the dashboard or via the API.

Custom composition

Pre-built links are easy to use, but can be limited in customization. Since Beam can open any web app, you can customize the composition UI with HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

You can start from scratch or use the 100ms sample web app (which is used by pre-built links) as a starting point for this customization.

Things to note

While making your custom web app, ensure that the web app fulfills these conditions:

  • Joins the room on page load: without any user interaction (for example, on a call preview screen) or authentication
  • Joins the room within 10 secs of page load to satisfy the Beam health check

Beam health check

Our job as software builders is to expect things can go wrong, and to ensure potential issues are gracefully handled with limited downstream impact. For example, a broken web app that cannot be opened in Beam could cause a broken live stream.

To ensure higher reliability, Beam is built on top of a JavaScript Bridge that can peak into the web app running in its browser to handle edge cases and more. Currently, this Bridge enables two benefits:

  1. If the web app does not load correctly, it retries up to 3 times
    • A correct page load is defined as a "successful room join"
    • To fulfill this condition, your app must join the 100ms room successfully within 10 seconds of page load
  2. Auto-stop when beam is the only one in the room
    • If all peers have left the room and there are no re-joins within 5 minutes, recording stops automatically

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