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If you want a quick integration of a fully featured video conferencing/live streaming app inside your application within a day, iframe is the way to go.

Some of the benefits of iframe integration are:

  • You can have a fully-featured video conferencing/live streaming UI added to your web app with minimal development
  • You can customize to a greatest extent as per your requirements
  • You can use this in the framework you're already using in your app
  • Using an iframe you can embed the whole sample web app inside your UI wherever you want


As discussed in the Build and deploy guide, you can fork and deploy our sample web app and use that URL in an iframe.

<iframe title="100ms-app" allow="camera *;microphone *;display-capture *" src="<your-deployed-url-here>" style="height: 900px; width: 900px;" ></iframe>

Adding and testing the iframe in a simple web app:

  • Create a HTML file in an editor, copy the below example code and paste in the file
  • Use the Room Id and role of one of the rooms from your Dashboard
  • Save the HTML and load it in your browser. You should now see the app in action.


<html> <body> <iframe title="100ms-app" allow="camera *;microphone *;display-capture *" src="https://lambent-nougat-3c526c.netlify.app/633fcdd84208780bf665346a/host" style="height: 900px; width: 900px" ></iframe> </body> </html>

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