Svelte Quickstart Guide


We have written a SvelteKit quickstart at Github here. It details all the steps towards building the app using the JS SDK.

It follows the same flow as the JS Quickstart, with the README file having details of all steps as well as link to the commit where the change was done to make it easier to follow. When you open a commit in Github, there is an option to browse files which will allow you see the full state of the repository right after that commit was done. This may be helpful if you're following the steps and need to compare local changes vs the quickstart repository changes at that time.

Trying out

You can also try out the full code alongside a live demo at Codesandbox.


Deploy with Vercel

You can use the above link to deploy on Vercel. As part of the deployment, there will be a prompt to create a clone of the repository in your own Github/Gitlab account too.

Next steps

Once you have been through the quickstart in the main branch, you can check out this branch which showcases building different features on top of the quickstart.

You can also try out the final code in Codesandbox below.

Or deploy it to Vercel -

Deploy with Vercel

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