100ms Developer Community Meetup

Replacing Twilio for Telehealth

Following Twilio's EOL (End of Life) notice for its Programmable Video product, telehealth providers are facing a critical transition. They need to choose a new vendor, migrate code, and migrate users, all before December 5, 2024.



Aniket Behera

Co-Founder and COO, 100ms



Gaurav Agarwal

SVP and GM, Product, Gong

GM & VP, Twilio Video (Former)


Who is it for ?

This session is for you if you're a developer, an engineering manager, or even a C-level executive using Twilio Video in your product. Primarily, the session focuses on Telehealth companies and their evaluation criteria, but it will be helpful for anyone moving away from Twilio Video because of their End-of-Life announcement.



Staging out the migration - running PoCs with multi-vendor setups, commercial discussion, safeguarding yourself against another EOL event


How to check for call quality (specifically 1:1 call quality) - Mesh SFU, congestion control, competitive benchmarks, low bandwidth performance


Security and compliance - differing HIPAA implementations and implications of US Data Residency


Support and SLAs - how migration support differs from standard support? Why are call quality SLAs more important than uptime SLAs?

Get a hands-on experience of building a clone

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