Bitcode Deprecation

100ms iOS SDK has removed support for bitcode starting following versions:

  • 100ms SDK version 0.4.7 onwards
  • Broadcast Extension SDK version 0.0.6 onwards


Xcode 14 has deprecated bitcode. If you make a project with Xcode 14, the bitcode is disabled in all targets by default. And if you enable bitcode explicitly, Xcode generates a warning message: “Building with bitcode is deprecated. Please update your project and/or target settings to disable bitcode." Also, you can no longer submit apps with bitcode to App Store from Xcode 14.


This means if you are using Xcode 13 or you have explicitly enabled bitcode on your target using the 100ms SDK, you may encounter an error saying: "framework does not contain bitcode and you must rebuild it."


To resolve this issue, you should make sure that your targets have bitcode disabled. To disable bitcode on a target, you go to the target's build settings and search for "bitcode". Set 'Enable Bitcode' setting to 'NO'.

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