Live Transcription for Conferencing (Closed Captions - Beta)

100ms' real-time transcription engine generates a live transcript (closed captions) during a conferencing session. The SDK provides a callback with transcript for each peer when they speak.

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum 100ms SDK version required is 2.9.54

Checking if captions are enabled in a room.

To check if WebRTC (not hls) captions are enabled in a room. Look for any transcriptions being in a started state in the room data. val captionsEnabled = hmsSDK.getRoom()?.transcriptions?.find { it.state == TranscriptionState.STARTED } != null

How to implement captions?

Implement fun onTranscripts(transcripts: HmsTranscripts) in the HMSUpdateListener callback.

For an example implementation look at TranscriptionUseCase.kt in the 100ms-android sample app repository.

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