Audio Mode Change

API to change Audio Mode manually. The most common use-case would be toggle between (in-call volume/media volume) for in call volume [AudioManager.MODE_IN_COMMUNICATION] media volume [AudioManager.MODE_NORMAL]

Switch audio mode

fun setAudioMode(audioMode : Int)
  • Types of audio mode. Audio Modes in Android
  • MODE_NORMAL - Normal audio mode: not ringing and no call established. (common one!)
  • MODE_RINGTONE - Ringing audio mode. An incoming is being signaled.
  • MODE_IN_CALL - In call audio mode. A telephony call is established.(common one!)
  • MODE_IN_COMMUNICATION - In communication audio mode. An audio/video chat or VoIP call is established.
  • MODE_CALL_SCREENING - Call screening in progress. Call is connected and audio is accessible to call screening applications but other audio use cases are still possible

invoke this method with appropriate option, to switch audio mode manually


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