SDK Size Impact

Each library has its own size impact that can vary been ABIs (x86, arm64-v8a etc), the table below lists them all.

You can take a look at the reference project here

These are accurate for sdk version 2.9.59 and room-kit version 1.2.13.

Increase in Android APK size:

Module Namearm64-v8aarmeabi-v7x86x86_64
Android Sdk6.7MB5.7MB7.3MB7.6MB
Video View8.5KB8.5KB8.5KB8.5KB
Virtual Background15.4MB12.9MB4.0MB4.0MB
Noise Cancellation5.6MB5.6MB5.6MB5.6MB
Video Filters20.7KB25.0KB20.7KB21.1KB
Hls Player959.4KB959.4KB959.4KB959.4KB
Hls Player Stats463.3KB463.3KB463.3KB463.3KB

Room Kit

Module Namearm64-v8aarmeabi-v7x86x86_64
Room Kit12.0MB11.0MB12.6MB12.8MB

The room-kit module already includes the following libraries:

  • android-sdk
  • video-view
  • hls-player
  • video-filters

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