Preview screen is a frequently used UX element which allows users to check if their input devices are working properly and set the initial state (mute/unmute) of their audio and video tracks before joining. 100ms SDKs provide an easy-to-use API to back this feature. Additionally, the SDK will try to establish a connection to 100ms server to verify there are no network issues and that the auth credentials are valid so that if everything is in order the subsequent room join is instant.

To invoke this API, call preview with HMSConfig and HMSPreviewListener as params.

hmsSDK.preview(config, hmsPreviewListener)

You would need the same config object that you would pass to join API.

HMSPreviewListener has three callbacks:

fun onPreview(room: HMSRoom, localTracks: Array<HMSTrack>)

Which is called when SDK has passed all its pre-flight checks and established the connection to 100ms server. This will pass an array of local audio/video tracks that you can display to the user (see Render Video and Mute sections for more details).

fun onRoomUpdate(type: HMSRoomUpdate, hmsRoom: HMSRoom)

This is called when room data is updated, such as room-name changed or if peer-count changes.

type - it contains the type of HMSRoomUpdate occurred

fun onPeerUpdate(type: HMSPeerUpdate, peer: HMSPeer)

This is called when Peer information is updated, such as PEER_JOINED or PEER_LEFT etc.

type - it contains the type of HMSPeerUpdate occurred

Network Quality Reports

A network quality report can be requested on preview. Additional details here.

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