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Update Listeners

Now, let's take a look at the listener class to be implemented.

abstract class HMSUpdateListener { /// This will be called on a successful JOIN of the room by the user /// /// This is the point where applications can stop showing its loading state /// - Parameter room: the room which was joined void onJoin({required HMSRoom room}); /// This will be called whenever there is an update on an existing peer /// or a new peer got added/existing peer is removed. /// /// This callback can be used to keep a track of all the peers in the room /// - Parameters: /// - peer: the peer who joined/left or was updated /// - update: the triggered update type. Should be used to perform different UI Actions void onPeerUpdate({required HMSPeer peer, required HMSPeerUpdate update}); /// This is called when there are updates on an existing track /// or a new track got added/existing track is removed /// /// This callback can be used to render the video on screen whenever a track gets added /// - Parameters: /// - track: the track which was added, removed or updated /// - trackUpdate: the triggered update type /// - peer: the peer for which track was added, removed or updated void onTrackUpdate( {required HMSTrack track, required HMSTrackUpdate trackUpdate, required HMSPeer peer}); /// This is called when there is a new broadcast message from any other peer in the room /// /// This can be used to implement chat is the room /// - Parameter message: the received broadcast message void onMessage({required HMSMessage message}); /// This is called when someone asks for change or role /// /// for eg. admin can ask a peer to become host from guest. /// this triggers this call on peer's app void onRoleChangeRequest({required HMSRoleChangeRequest roleChangeRequest}); /// ## A HMSSpeaker object contains - /// - peerId: the peer identifier of HMSPeer who is speaking /// - trackId: the track identifier of HMSTrack which is emitting audio /// - audioLevel: a number within range 1-100 indicating the audio volume /// /// A peer who is not present in the list indicates that the peer is not speaking /// /// This can be used to highlight currently speaking peers in the room /// - Parameter speakers: the list of speakers void onUpdateSpeakers({required List<HMSSpeaker> updateSpeakers}); /// This will be called when there is an error in the system /// /// and SDK has already retried to fix the error /// - Parameter error: the error that occurred void onHMSError({required HMSException error}); /// This is called when there is a change in any property of the Room /// /// - Parameters: /// - room: the room which was joined /// - update: the triggered update type. Should be used to perform different UI Actions void onRoomUpdate({required HMSRoom room, required HMSRoomUpdate update}); ///when network or some other error happens it will be called void onReconnecting(); ///when you are back in the room after reconnection void onReconnected(); ///when someone requests for track change of yours be it video or audio this will be triggered /// - Parameter hmsTrackChangeRequest: request instance consisting of all the required info about track change void onChangeTrackStateRequest( {required HMSTrackChangeRequest hmsTrackChangeRequest}); ///when someone kicks you out or when someone ends the room at that time it is triggered ///- Paramter hmsPeerRemovedFromPeer - it consists info about who removed you and why. void onRemovedFromRoom( {required HMSPeerRemovedFromPeer hmsPeerRemovedFromPeer}); ///whenever a new audio device gets connected to the device or audio device is switched this is triggered ///- Parameters /// - currentAudioDevice - current audio output device /// - availableAudioDevice - list of available audio output devices void onAudioDeviceChanged( {HMSAudioDevice? currentAudioDevice, List<HMSAudioDevice>? availableAudioDevice}); }

HMSUpdateListener : A class conforming to HMSUpdateListener interface. The methods of HMSUpdateListener are invoked to notify updates happening in the room like a peer join/leave, track mute/unmute etc.

Add this updateListener instance to

HMSSDK hmsSDK = HMSSDK(); hmsSDK.build(); hmsSDK.addUpdateListener(updateListener);

After calling join your app will be provided an update from the 100ms SDK.

If successful, the onJoin({required HMSRoom room}) method of HMSUpdateListener will be invoked with information about the room encapsulated in the HMSRoom object.

If failure, the onHMSError({required HMSException error}) method will be invoked with exact failure reason.

Remove the updateListener instance as: