Strict Privacy Applications

Strict Privacy Applications are those applications which ask for permissions as & when required thus following something similar to principle of least privilege.

Steps to create a strict privacy application:

Join in a role without video permissions.

Create three roles with permissions as:

  • Host


  • Guest


  • Viewer


These roles are just for examples. User can create their own roles based on use cases.

If role of user is changed to a role which has audio-video publishing permission then ask for permissions as:

class Meeting implements HMSUpdateListener, HMSActionResultListener{ ... void onRoleChangeRequest({required HMSRoleChangeRequest roleChangeRequest}) { if(roleChangeRequest.suggestedRole.publishSettings?.allowed.contains("video")??false){ //if video permissions are not available await; } if(roleChangeRequest.suggestedRole.publishSettings?.allowed.contains("audio")??false){ //if audio permissions are not available await Permission.microphone.request(); //if bluetooth permissions are not available await Permission.bluetoothConnect.request(); } //if the application have required permissions hmsSDK.acceptChangeRole(roleChangeRequest); } }

This is applicable only when user asks for permission while changing role. In case of force role change the application is required to have permissions before the role change.

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