Camera Controls

To use the camera controls, we can use HMSCameraControls class to access it's functionality.

Minimum Requirements

  • SDK version 1.5.0 or higher

Capture at the highest resolution offered by the camera

Takes the highest quality picture from the local video stream in jpg format irrespective of publisher's resolution. It contains withFlash parameter which if true turns on the flash while capturing image. Default value of withFlash parameter is false.

🔑 Note: captureImageAtMaxSupportedResolution method only works if camera is turned ON

//To capture image with `withFlash` as true //`filePath` can return either the filePath string or an HMSException object in case of error dynamic filePath = await HMSCameraControls.captureImageAtMaxSupportedResolution(withFlash: true); if(filePath is HMSException) { //Log the error here //Handle the error accordingly } else{ //Create image file and use it accordingly File imageFile = File(filePath); // We can display the image using `Image.file` widget in our applications // Image.file(imageFile) }


Check if flash feature is available

Checks if the current facing camera has a flash device.

dynamic isFlashSupported = await HMSCameraControls.isFlashSupported(); if(isFlashSupported is HMSException) { //Log the error here //Handle the error accordingly } else{ //Check here whether flash is supported or not //isFlashSupported will be a boolean }

Toggle flash

This method is used to toggle flash, i.e. if its ON it turns it OFF and vice-versa.


🔑 Note: If camera is toggled while flash is ON, then flash turns OFF.

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