SIP Interconnect


Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Interconnect refers to the setup where two or more different SIP-based networks or systems are connected to enable the flow of voice traffic between them.

100ms SIP Interconnect makes it easy to integrate VoIP calls from external third-party services into 100ms WebRTC meetings, ensuring a seamless bridge to participants connected through 100ms Client SDKs over WebRTC.

Identifying peers joining through SIP

HMSPeer contains a type property which is an enum of HMSPeerType that can be used to identify the type of peer. The type can be regular or sip.

class Meeting implements HMSUpdateListener, HMSActionResultListener{ ... ///Checks whether a peer is SIP peer void isSIPPeer(HMSPeer peer){ if(peer.type == HMSPeerType.sip){ //Peer is a SIP peer } else { //Peer is a regular peer } } ... }

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