Set Volume

Sometime during calls we need to deafen or turn up a particular peer's volume,thus set volume comes to rescue. It allows you to vary the volume level of the remote peer's audio track. The change in volume level is only effective locally,remote peers remain unaffected. It can only be called on remote audio tracks.

Volume can vary from 0(min) to 10(max). The default value for volume would be 1.0.

Let's see how you can call the setVolume on a remoteAudioTrack:

HMSRemoteAudioTrack remoteAudioTrack; remoteAudioTrack.setVolume(double volume);

Ways to set volume on audio tracks

  1. Set volume while track is added
class Meeting implements HMSUpdateListener, HMSActionResultListener{ ... void onTrackUpdate( {required HMSTrack track, required HMSTrackUpdate trackUpdate, required HMSPeer peer}) { if(trackUpdate == HMSTrackUpdate.TRACK_ADDED && track.kind == HMSTrackKind.kHMSTrackKindAudio && peer.isLocal == false){ track.setVolume(1.0); //set the required volume } } }
  1. Set volume for particular peer

On UI this can be rendered as a slider to set a volume between 0-10 and passing it to the setVolume method on HMSRemoteAudioTrack.

void setVolume(HMSRemoteAudioTrack track,double volume){ track.setVolume(volume); }

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