Update Listeners

Now, let's take a look at what the listener class looks like.

HMSUpdateListener: A class conforming to the HMSUpdateListener interface. We can implement HMSUpdateListener,HMSActionResultListener,HMSStatsListener etc. on a single class checkout the example here

The methods of HMSUpdateListener are invoked to notify updates happening in the room like a peer join/leave, track mute/unmute etc. Let's see the flow for listener lifecycle:


How to add an HMSUpdateListener

This section contains info about how can we attach HMSUpdateListener:

class Meeting implements HMSUpdateListener { Meeting(){ initHMSSDK(); } void initHMSSDK() async { HMSSDK hmsSDK = HMSSDK(); await hmsSDK.build(); // ensure to await while invoking the `build` method //`this` corresponds to the instance implementing HMSUpdateListener hmsSDK.addUpdateListener(listener:this); } ... }

addUpdateListener is the method responsible for attaching HMSUpdateListener.

Remove update listener

If we don't want the room updates anymore or while leaving the room, we must remove the updateListener instance as:


Supplementary bytes

This section explains HMSUpdateListener class methods. We implement this class to listen to room updates.

/// 100ms SDK provides callbacks to the client app about any change or update happening in the room after a user has joined by implementing HMSUpdateListener. /// Implement this listener in a class where you want to perform UI Actions, update App State, etc. These updates can be used to render the video on the screen or to display other info regarding the room. /// Depending on your use case, you'll need to implement specific methods of the Update Listener. The most common ones are onJoin, onPeerUpdate, onTrackUpdate & onHMSError. abstract class HMSUpdateListener { void onJoin({required HMSRoom room}); /// This will be called whenever there is an update on an existing peer /// or a new peer got added/existing peer is removed. /// /// This callback can be used to keep a track of all the peers in the room /// - Parameters: /// - peer: the peer who joined/left or was updated /// - update: the triggered update type. Should be used to perform different UI Actions void onPeerUpdate({required HMSPeer peer, required HMSPeerUpdate update}); /// This is called when there are updates on an existing track /// or a new track got added/existing track is removed /// /// This callback can be used to render the video on screen whenever a track gets added /// - Parameters: /// - track: the track which was added, removed or updated /// - trackUpdate: the triggered update type /// - peer: the peer for which the track was added, removed or updated void onTrackUpdate( {required HMSTrack track, required HMSTrackUpdate trackUpdate, required HMSPeer peer}); /// This will be called when there is an error in the system /// /// and SDK have already retried to fix the error /// - Parameter error: the error that occurred void onHMSError({required HMSException error}); /// This is called when there is a change in any property of the Room /// /// - Parameters: /// - room: the room which was joined /// - update: the triggered update type. Should be used to perform different UI Actions void onRoomUpdate({required HMSRoom room, required HMSRoomUpdate update}); /// This is called when there is a new broadcast message from any other peer in the room /// /// This can be used to implement chat in the room /// - Parameter message: the received broadcast message void onMessage({required HMSMessage message}); /// This is called every 1 second with a list of active speakers /// /// ## A HMSSpeaker object contains - /// - peerId: the peer identifier of HMSPeer who is speaking /// - trackId: the track identifier of HMSTrack which is emitting audio /// - audioLevel: a number within range 1-100 indicating the audio volume /// /// A peer who is not present in the list indicates that the peer is not speaking /// /// This can be used to highlight currently speaking peers in the room /// - Parameter speakers: the list of speakers void onUpdateSpeakers({required List<HMSSpeaker> updateSpeakers}); /// When the network connection is lost & the SDK is trying to reconnect to the room void onReconnecting(); /// When you are back in the room after the network connection was lost void onReconnected(); /// This is called when someone asks for a change of role /// /// for example the admin can ask a peer to become a host from a guest. /// this triggers this call on the peer's app void onRoleChangeRequest({required HMSRoleChangeRequest roleChangeRequest}); /// When someone requests for track change of your Audio, Video or an Auxiliary track like Screenshare, this event will be triggered /// - Parameter hmsTrackChangeRequest: request instance consisting of all the required info about track change void onChangeTrackStateRequest( {required HMSTrackChangeRequest hmsTrackChangeRequest}); /// When someone kicks you out or when someone ends the room at that time it is triggered /// - Parameter hmsPeerRemovedFromPeer - it consists of info about who removed you and why. void onRemovedFromRoom( {required HMSPeerRemovedFromPeer hmsPeerRemovedFromPeer}); /// Whenever a new audio device is plugged in or audio output is changed we get the onAudioDeviceChanged update /// This callback is only fired on Android devices. On iOS, this callback will not be triggered. /// - Parameters: /// - currentAudioDevice: Current audio output route /// - availableAudioDevice: List of available audio output devices void onAudioDeviceChanged( {HMSAudioDevice? currentAudioDevice, List<HMSAudioDevice>? availableAudioDevice}); /// Whenever a user joins a room [onSessionStoreAvailable] is fired to get an instance of [HMSSessionStore] /// which can be used to perform session metadata operations /// - Parameters: /// - hmsSessionStore: An instance of HMSSessionStore which will be used to call session metadata methods void onSessionStoreAvailable({HMSSessionStore? hmsSessionStore}); ///Upon joining a room with existing peers, onPeerListUpdated will be called with the list of peers present ///in the room instead of getting onPeerUpdate for each peer in the room. ///Subsequent peer joins/leaves would be notified via both onPeerUpdate and onPeerListUpdated void onPeerListUpdate({required List<HMSPeer> addedPeers, required List<HMSPeer> removedPeers}); }

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