Error Logging

Logs are really helpful for debugging the issues. HMSSDK provides api's to get all the logs in a single callback. To get the logs we will need to attach the HMSLogListener and override the onLogMessage method. Also HMSSDK exposes a method getAllLogs to get all the native SDK logs at once according to the log levels we set in startHMSLogger.

How to add logger in your application

Let's check how we can add logging in our applications:

Start HMSLogger

To start listening to logs we need to call startHMSLogger with HMSLogLevel for both webRTC and HMSSDK. HMSLogLevel is an enum as:

enum HMSLogLevel { //To get all the logs VERBOSE, //To get warnings WARN, //To only get error logs ERROR, //To turn off the logging OFF, //This is the default level corresponding to OFF Unknown }

Now let's see how we can call startHMSLogger to get only Error logs for WebRTC and all logs from SDK.

hmsSDK.startHMSLogger(webRtclogLevel: HMSLogLevel.ERROR, logLevel: HMSLogLevel.VERBOSE);

Listen to the logs from HMSLogger

To listen the logs from HMSSDK we need to implement the HMSLogListener in the class where we wish to get the logs & override the onLogMessage method.

class Meeting implements HMSUpdateListener, HMSActionResultListener,HMSLogListener{ ... //Here this is an instance of a class that implements HMSLogListener that is Meeting hmsSDK.addLogListener(hmsLogListener: this); void onLogMessage({required HMSLogList hmsLogList}) { //Here we will get an object of HMSLogList } //Once we are done we can stop listening to logs by removing the HMSLogListener as: hmsSDK.removeLogListener(hmsLogListener: this); ... }

onLogMessage doesn't provide instantaneous logs we batch them in group of 1000 and then send the updates.

Stop HMSLogger

Once we are done with the logs we can stop the HMSLogger as:


Get All the SDK logs at once

To get all the SDK logs at once we can use getAllLogs. This returns an object of HMSLogList which contains a list of logs in hmsLog property.

getAllLogs only returns logs if we have called startHMSLogger as mentioned above.

HMSLogList? logs = await hmsSDK.getAllLogs(); logs?.hmsLog.forEach((element) { //Check the individual logs here });

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