Update Listeners Enums


Whenever there is an update related to a peer the HMSSDK sends it as HMSPeerUpdate enum type

///PeerUpdates in a room. enum HMSPeerUpdate { ///When new peer joins the room. peerJoined, ///When peer left the room. peerLeft, ///when peer's role is changed roleUpdated, ///when peer's metadata changed metadataChanged, ///when peer's name change nameChanged, ///Peer's network quality updates networkQualityUpdated, ///Peer's hand raise updates handRaiseUpdated defaultUpdate, }


Whenever there is an update related to track the HMSSDK sends it as HMSTrackUpdate enum type

///Track updates you will get when there is any change in the track enum HMSTrackUpdate { //when a new track is added. trackAdded, ///when track is removed. trackRemoved, ///when track is muted could be audio,video or both. trackMuted, ///when track is unmuted could be audio,video or both. trackUnMuted, ///When track is degraded trackDegraded, ///When track is restored trackRestored, ///when track description is changed trackDescriptionChanged, ///default update defaultUpdate }


Whenever there is an update related to room the HMSSDK sends it as HMSRoomUpdate enum type

enum HMSRoomUpdate { ///When room is muted roomMuted, ///When room is unmuted roomUnmuted, ///When server recording state is updated serverRecordingStateUpdated, ///When RTMP is started or stopped rtmpStreamingStateUpdated, ///When HLS is started or stopped hlsStreamingStateUpdated, ///When hls recording state is updated hlsRecordingStateUpdated, ///When browser recording state is changed browserRecordingStateUpdated, ///When peer Count is changed roomPeerCountUpdated, ///Default Update defaultUpdate }

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