Composite Recordings

100ms can record a session to capture the perspective of a participant, who can hear and see other participants in the room. These recordings are a composite of multiple audio/video tracks across multiple participants in the session. The output is a single MP4 file. There are 2 types of Composite Recordings - Browser Composite and Custom Composite. Depending on the use case, the ideal composite type can be selected.

Browser Composite Recordings Basics

  • These are browser based recordings which records the screen to generate a composite recording file.
  • They can be started automatically when the first peer joins and stopped after all peers leave with a timeOut configuration.
  • Alternatively, they can also be started and stopped via client SDK or Recording APIs
  • Customizable settings: You can define which roles to record, which video resolution to record and, other modifications to the UI.

Guide to Browser Composite Recordings

Follow this guide for browser based composite recordings:

Enable Browser Composite Recordings

Set up browser composite recording using recording configuration on 100ms dashboard →

Start a browser composite recording

There are two ways to record a browse composite recording

Stop, pause, resume a browser composite recording

Browser composite recording can be started either by 100ms Recording APIs or SDKs, whereas actions like stop, pause, resume can be achieved with:

Get browser composite recording assets

After the recording is stopped and processed, a recording asset is generated. Composite generates an asset of type room-composite. You can fetch this asset through multiple methods:

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