Frame Capture (HmsView)

The 100ms React Native SDK provides HmsView component that renders the video on screen. Check out Render Video docs to know more about HmsView component.

You render videos of yourself (Local Peer) and remote peers on screen using this component. Sometimes, you may want to take a screenshot (or capture frame) only from video of a single remote peer instead of whole screen.

You can use capture method available on the ref(React Refs docs) of HmsView component to capture frame of video currently rendered by this component. capture method call resolves with base64 string which is the captured frame of the video stream.

You also need "External Storage Permission (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE)" to capture frame of video stream.

This is how you can use capture method to capture frame of peers' video stream -

import React from 'react'; import { TouchableOpacity, Text, View } from 'react-native'; // This Component handles rendering of HmsView export const PeerTile = () => { // this `ref` will be reference to HmsView componentˀ const hmsViewRef = React.useRef(null); // This function handles capturing frame of the video stream const captureVideoFrame = async () => { try { // First -> request for `WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE` permission before calling `capture` method on ref const base64Data = await hmsViewRef.current?.capture(); // {base64Data} is the captured frame of the video stream } catch (error) { console.log(error); } }; // `hmsInstance` acquired from `build` method // HmsView is available on `HMSSDK` instance. const HmsView = hmsInstance.HmsView; return ( <View> {/* HmsView rendering video of a Peer */} <HmsView ref={hmsViewRef} // this ref can be used to capture frame of video stream with current tracKId key={trackId} trackId={trackId} style={{ height: '100%', width: '100%' }} /> {/* Button to press when you want to take screenshot of peers' video */} <TouchableOpacity onPress={captureVideoFrame}> <Text>Take Screenshot</Text> </TouchableOpacity> </View> ); };

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