Reconnection Handling

Real-world apps operate in varying network conditions and thus require handling for network bandwidth issues. The SDK provides callbacks when a user gets disconnected due to network issues or network switch and also when the user gets reconnected again.

💡 Note: The SDK tries to reconnect automatically for 60 seconds after that the connection is terminated, the peer is removed from the room and the room has to be rejoined.

Reconnecting & Reconnected Events

HMSUpdateListenerActions.RECONNECTING event is emitted when SDK detects a network issue and it's trying to Reconnect with servers.

HMSUpdateListenerActions.RECONNECTED event is emitted when SDK has successfully recovered from a network drop, switch or a network issue etc.

You should subscribe to these events to receive Reconnecting & Reconnected updates as follows -

const onReconnectingListener = ({ error }: { error: HMSException }) => { console.log('SDK is trying to Reconnect to servers due to error: ', error); }; // Subscribing to `Reconnecting` updates hmsInstance.addEventListener(HMSUpdateListenerActions.RECONNECTING, onReconnectingListener); const onReconnectedListener = () => { console.log('SDK has successfully Reconnected to servers!'); }; // Subscribing to `Reconnected` updates hmsInstance.addEventListener(HMSUpdateListenerActions.RECONNECTED, onReconnectedListener);

💡 Note: On getting reconnected, the SDK will send all the updates(Track and Peer updates) again.

Handle case when user fails to reconnect

SDK tries to reconnect the user automatically for 60 seconds, after that the connection gets terminated and the peer is removed from the room by SDK. If reconnection fails the SDK emits HMSUpdateListenerActions.ON_ERROR event with error.

const onErrorListener = (error: HMSException) => { if (error.code === 1003 || error.code === 4005) { // Free Resources and do cleanup doCleanup(); // navigate user to the HomeScreen, showing a toast or errorDialog with error description. navigation.navigate('HomeScreen'); } }; // Subscribing to `Error` updates hmsInstance.addEventListener(HMSUpdateListenerActions.ON_ERROR, onErrorListener);

To learn more about cleanup and freeing resources refer to Release Resources docs.

The user will receive the error object which has isTerminal property set to true and errorCode property as:

  • Error Code: 1003, Cause: Websocket disconnected

Error Code:1003

  • Error Code: 4005, Cause: ICE Connection Failed due to network issue[PUBLISH]

Error Code:1003

  • Error Code: 4005, Cause: ICE Connection Failed due to network issue[SUBSCRIBE]

Error Code:1003

Best Practices

The SDK emits:

  • HMSUpdateListenerActions.RECONNECTING event, when the user disconnects
  • HMSUpdateListenerActions.RECONNECTED event, when the user reconnects, and
  • HMSUpdateListenerActions.ON_ERROR event, when the user fails to reconnect

These callbacks can be handled as follows:

  • In "Reconnecting" Mode: Do not allow the user to interact with UI and show loaders or Reconnecting indicator.
  • When "Reconnected" back: Switch back to room UI allowing interactions as usual.
  • When user fails to reconnect then SDK emits HMSUpdateListenerActions.ON_ERROR event, In the function subscribed to this event, look for code property and if it is something(generally 1003, 4005 etc.) such that the user can never reconnect then navigate user to the HomeScreen, showing a toast or errorDialog with error description.

🗝️ You can find the errorCodes, descriptions and the suggested actions to be taken here

You can also measure a users' connection speed. Learn more about connection quality API here

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