Mini View

The 100ms React Native SDK provides the HmsView component, which renders video on the screen. You can refer to the Render Video docs to learn more about the HmsView component.

Typically, all HmsViews should be rendered side by side in a list or grid layout, which is also the default layout behavior of the HmsView component.

However, if you desire a mini view / main view layout (like Picture-in-Picture within the app) where one or more HmsView components are not in the normal flow of the layout and are overlapping other HmsViews, then this special layout can be achieved by using the setZOrderMediaOverlay prop on the HmsView component.

The setZOrderMediaOverlay prop enables the 'Picture-in-picture' feature for the HmsView component, where one HmsView is rendered on top of another HmsView by the SDK. By setting the setZOrderMediaOverlay prop to true on a smaller HmsView, you can place it on top of another larger HmsView. This creates a layout similar to a picture-in-picture layout shown here.

// hms instance acquired from build method const HmsView = hmsInstance.HmsView; <HmsView key={trackId} trackId={trackId} mirror={true}
setZOrderMediaOverlay={true} // should be passed true only for the mini view
style={{ height: '100%', width: '100%' }} />

Example of mini view layout

Mini View

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